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Drake - So Far Gone

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Uploaded 02/13/2009
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An October's Very Own Presentation
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12:28 AM April 12, 2015 Junior_2017 via Mobile:

I never got a request. The vists are booked from noon until one so I'll try to get it booked before. I'll ask to see if they can do it for me.
7:51 PM April 11, 2015 izz_y12 said:

I suggested the visit accept at 1 g call mr
4:37 PM April 11, 2015 Junior_2017 via Mobile:

11:16 AM April 11, 2015 izz_y12 said:

Soto book the visit for 12 on Sunday and I'll be there cause I don't get internet bestfriend so at twelve I'll be there tomorrow so book it call me today if you can g.
2:45 PM April 10, 2015 izz_y12 said:

Soto was up compa its Ismael am a go c u Sunday dawq call me when you can I miss you bro when I c u your gonna catch some hit ones
2:35 PM April 9, 2015 izz_y12 said:

ismael said he was gonna come visit this weekened and they changed his mind he can stay and live at home.
8:25 AM April 8, 2015 izz_y12 said:

soto! ismael says that hell see you when he can hes out now but cant live with me nor his mom he got put in a transition home
7:33 PM April 3, 2015 izz_y12 said:

tell my hubby to call me when he wants we got two calls only