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Drake - Room For Improvement (Digitally Remastered)

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Uploaded 07/25/2009
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Southern Smoke Special Edition

This is Drake's first official mixtape originally released back in 2006. It has been digitally remastered and re-released in 2009 for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

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12:15 AM June 17, 2013 jonas2000 said:

Real Drake ****...
8:21 PM May 15, 2013 Darion856 via Mobile:

**** go dumb hard
12:33 AM April 18, 2013 3kingIII said:

You can tell he was a rookie & hungry! If he can kind of tap back to this era with a mix of today he'll have that underground/mainstream balance.
10:35 PM April 15, 2013 KidInKLaLeakers via Mobile:

Am 2 Pm goes hard
9:24 PM January 24, 2013 NASTheGoat via Mobile:

When Drake spit real ****. Wish they would put Comeback Season on here.
11:40 AM January 24, 2013 mike245 said:

this **** is amazing especially for how early in his career this was produced. spectacular
10:17 PM December 27, 2012 djscreweduptexas said:

Nothing goes harder than when you get a co sign from dj smallz! And agreed it's 2012 and this still goes in
3:02 AM September 21, 2012 toyia31 via Mobile:

I love him