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Lil Phat - Death Before Dishonor

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Uploaded 12/25/2009
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6:06 PM December 25, 2014 jermaineghetto said:

@connorlangeisraw... jus cuz he stole sum weed don't mean dat the nigga should be dead either... a hitman and all dat **** was uncalled for bottom line RIP LIL PHAT
12:57 PM September 15, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

funny how people defend somebody who stole pounds and act like hes innocent. do u think somebody who is on his way to success even being 19 years old is worth the 15 grand.. nah green light
9:49 PM June 25, 2014 john7056 said:

he stole ten pounds of weed

rofl nooob got what he had coming what u expect
LiL phat = Fail thief

4:44 PM June 25, 2014 mademen2014 via Mobile:

My nigga my nigga
1:00 PM February 8, 2014 dooki3ent17 via Mobile:

11:00 AM August 8, 2013 Drakecake said:

"Ha Haaaa! I bet you did that for the boss, Ima cut your d*ck off and stick it in your goon mouth".....T.I.P. Lil Phat
3:30 PM June 10, 2013 yunginquez said:

eldorado red got phat killed
12:41 PM May 10, 2013 5kinny said:

R.I.P. Lil Phat that nigga was next to blow that **** is sad