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J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

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Uploaded 11/12/2010
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9:55 PM February 22, 2015 Jaden0713 via Mobile:

Still on this **** 💩 👌👍
1:14 PM December 16, 2014 dont_know62 said:

Lol@slim0930. Had to comeback to what made me startin ****in wit dude this **** still his best work IMO. Nigga was super unknown back in des days. #classic
9:06 PM December 6, 2014 210undergroundrapper via Mobile:

Lol hes from the south ur homework..
3:37 PM August 17, 2014 decatur82 said:

J.cole from the south
12:57 AM August 16, 2014 slim0930 via Mobile:

This makes a southern nigga go up east and kick it on the east coast for a bit #velt city ny
3:00 PM August 4, 2014 SoulCityCorry said:

J. Cole just might be the hottest lyricist out. Not up for a debate
5:41 PM July 29, 2014 smokedogg989 said:

I have a few of these songs pepered into my work playlist and my boss who's into classic rock likes it when it comes on.. "Blow Up" is the one he'll sing along to. #RealRapRaw
10:07 PM July 13, 2014 100bANDSjAY via Mobile: