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J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

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Uploaded 11/12/2010
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9:20 AM November 12, 2015 sza7_ said:

5 years later, it still bangs
10:06 PM September 21, 2015 t_rowe via Mobile:

J.Cole the best rapper out
10:12 PM August 15, 2015 Junebug7 said:

J. Cole is the Truth. I was bumping his first project (The Come Up) to his newest **** (2014 Forrest Hill). Cole helped a nigga get through some tough ****. Much Respect to J. Cole. #Dreamville. Big ups to all the real Niggas & women in North Carolina.
4:03 AM August 6, 2015 desmond1shere via Mobile:

Kendrick kill the west and J. Cole kill the west everyone else is just filling in the rest. Been a fan for ever. Love you jump on niggas tho
9:55 PM February 22, 2015 Jaden0713 via Mobile:

Still on this **** 💩 👌👍
1:14 PM December 16, 2014 dont_know62 said:

Lol@slim0930. Had to comeback to what made me startin ****in wit dude this **** still his best work IMO. Nigga was super unknown back in des days. #classic
9:06 PM December 6, 2014 210undergroundrapper via Mobile:

Lol hes from the south ur homework..
3:37 PM August 17, 2014 decatur82 said:

J.cole from the south