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Bricksquad Mafia (Gucci Mane Presents)

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Uploaded 02/05/2011
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Return Of Mr. Zone 6, March 22nd! Click Here!

Saturday, Feb. 5th @ 10:17PM EST! | Spotted at MixFeed

Follow @LiveMixtapes, @DjHoliday & @Gucci1017!

Artwork by @MIKEREV212

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12:44 PM March 20, 2015 mr2806 via Mobile:

My paper stack yeah i'll. Pay for. That whip my son *** if he gang banging. 504 in here
8:25 PM October 24, 2014 fatalityz429 via Mobile:

Why is the quality so bad? This was a cold tape, I remember it from back then lol
2:32 PM October 12, 2014 LOWSA via Mobile:

Shut the **** up holiday with yo none shutting the **** up looking ***. No dj version needed
4:56 AM August 2, 2014 NineDrizzy said:

Wuddup. The audio is ****ty as **** but it still goes hard as ****. We need a NODJ version.
7:43 AM July 15, 2014 Keyon1987 via Mobile:

This will always be my ****!! #Classic💯✔️🔥
6:45 AM May 25, 2013 youngvinnie via Mobile:

11:42 PM March 24, 2013 CoolGreyJosh said:

Stepped in the arena like Gilbert arenas pistol on me Nina diamondz aquafina lol lol gucci fan of him
1:02 PM February 6, 2013 niceandnapy said:

y dis tape sound so low