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Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back

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Uploaded 05/26/2011
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3:48 AM November 30, 2013 Dangelomo via Mobile:

#8 Flexin on them hoes
6:47 PM November 1, 2013 murdaland443 said:

12:02 PM October 17, 2013 ga440deep said:

um still spinning it too, love how most jeezy album the 1st track sound like a athem or mvie sh*t!
@ 1017guwopp damn pimp if u on like him just dont listen or comment, we fans like da music
1:34 PM July 28, 2013 1017guwopp said:

10:11 PM July 25, 2013 martinezjar1410 said:

This great but i still like Trap Or Die 2 out all of his mixtapes
12:54 PM July 24, 2013 JBanga01 via Mobile:

Jeezy and gucci need to squash it 1017guwop needs a ***** or at least some tranny **** lol
6:37 PM July 12, 2013 1017guwopp said:

just cuz dat ***** nigga jeezy had his verse first on icy dat dont mean u put it on yo album fake *** ***** jeezy a fraud
6:36 PM July 12, 2013 1017guwopp said:

jeezy a fake *** ***** nigga he collaborated wit gucci mane aka guwopp on his icy single back in 2005 jeezy knew dat was gucci single jeezy tryna put it on his thug motivation album