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Starlito & Don Trip - Step Brothers

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Score: 6,040
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Uploaded 07/25/2011
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4:16 PM May 13, 2016 kdub246 via Mobile:

Thy went off on that last song I never just sat n listen to the whole mix tape I pick 5 or 6 songs cause I was at school n rushing but this go hard
3:19 PM April 20, 2016 dcooper66 via Mobile:

If you don't rock with Trip and Lito you a **** boy. Hands down
12:48 AM February 1, 2016 Pescado4oe via Mobile:

This is one of the hardest mixtapes ever. I heard this back in 2012 and been on them ever since
10:28 PM June 26, 2015 zellie2311 via Mobile:

Starlito & Don trip still my favorite rappers.
11:46 PM April 30, 2015 thug5200 via Mobile:

u right
9:51 AM February 5, 2015 MaanOnnTheeMoonn via Mobile:

Dope af yo
1:57 PM January 13, 2015 drewski941 said:

one of the best mixtapes ever in my opinion
5:41 PM October 2, 2014 cashbaby said:

**** was I doing, I should've been had this in my favorites this the tape I start ****ing with don trip & Lito heavy...we ****ing with yall music up her d.c aye lito an Trip #dcornothing ##dclove