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The Weeknd - Thursday

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Score: 3,215
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Uploaded 08/18/2011
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3:03 AM August 20, 2014 Precise_Soto said:

that's so ****ing gay we have to buy this **** now live mixtapes lets me down again
6:25 PM August 18, 2014 haleighbug said:

I love his voice!! All of his songs are amazing and never get old.
12:47 AM June 9, 2014 jakii53 via Mobile:

Alotta street niggaz don't vibe wit this nigga.. But if u ****n with *****es u can feel this ****.. Most of his **** he put out is str8 flame
5:15 PM June 6, 2014 alyasa said:

this some bull**** i just downloaded this for free now i gotta pay for it
4:23 PM October 14, 2013 moparman2010 said:

Track #3 is my ish !!! Goin to see him tonight in Chicago at 6:30
10:18 PM August 29, 2013 DrizzyWeezy via Mobile:

9:50 AM June 29, 2013 chandra13 via Mobile:

Mixtape to ***y. Specially the zone 0_o drakes voice dho. N gone thts jus flat out ***y. **** the whole mixtape.
1:34 AM May 13, 2013 lillibra24 said:

with a hand full of beans nd a chest full of weed got me singin bout a ***** while im blowin out the steam