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Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back

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Score: 860
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Uploaded 10/01/2011
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1:47 AM July 28, 2014 ceochoice said:

#TheRealIsBack not to many rappers mixtapes or albums i can listen to all the way through but Jeezy always delivers #I****WithSno
1:35 AM June 2, 2014 elekovato via Mobile:

Keep my trunk jumpin to this trap
2:32 PM May 31, 2014 mrkrazyatl via Mobile:

#Trapordie3 july 4th
12:03 AM May 1, 2014 cubbud said:

you heard whaat i said il take mine in snow,,,,,,,,,,
8:39 PM November 22, 2013 blknyllw2010 said:

this one is the blessing... it has NO DJ THATS WHY SCORE LOW THE RE RELEASED THIS
1:24 AM July 25, 2013 stayfly75 via Mobile:

Jeezy still got it
11:15 PM February 14, 2013 xBIGMANGOx via Mobile:

**** still go hard!
10:32 AM December 17, 2012 Mr103rocky via Mobile:

Yeah its hard da score low cuz dey took it off and put dees on bfor key took em off key was like at 11000 votes