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Alley Boy - Nigganati

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Uploaded 01/26/2012
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Thursday, January 26th @ 1:26PM! | Spotted at MixFeed

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9:09 PM April 26, 2014 weedg4life609 via Mobile:

Pretty boy momma boy cute as niggas. ..When all my killas mean muggin some ugly *** niggas
10:21 PM March 11, 2014 terryherring said:

dis nigga alley aint playin
6:20 PM September 4, 2013 catawbamoor said:

niggas sleeping on alley boy
11:10 PM July 21, 2013 mjac23 via Mobile:

This prolly alley boy best intro
11:06 PM July 21, 2013 mjac23 via Mobile:

Speak for me
1:59 PM July 21, 2013 ghod via Mobile:

This Ghod man I did my time in dekalbcounty and down the road real mob **** Jackson **** blowing on new ports. Nigga straight from the Dec Decatur **** nigga stamp this ****.
7:46 PM July 15, 2013 Daflonominal1 said:

But the beef is intense now
7:42 PM July 15, 2013 Daflonominal1 said:

Alley Boy aint dissin TI nor Jeezy cuz he said "Its just me, freedom of Speech; Im just expressin how I feel and separating myself from everything else in Atlanta".