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B.o.B - EPIC (Every Play Is Crucial)

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Score: 2,124
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Uploaded 11/28/2011
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7:39 AM June 11, 2015 jordo450 said:

I always seem to come back to this mixtape and start bumping it. It's just one of them type of mixtapes that keepsyour feet tappin and your fingers clicking!
11:07 AM May 3, 2014 STRANGESCOTT said:

Grand Hustle Homie !
11:43 PM April 5, 2014 cyhisean2 said:

9:30 AM June 10, 2013 00Jordan via Mobile:

B.o.B is one of the Best !!!!!!
8:32 PM June 9, 2013 joshr0996 via Mobile:

Yall cant compare gucci & waka to b.o.b .....its 2 completely different fan bases
12:55 PM January 30, 2013 dar3al3st via Mobile:

b.o.b. tryna dumb it down so he can gt sum spins.
12:50 PM January 30, 2013 dar3al3st via Mobile:

Amen.......Lyricist get da lowest scores. PPl dont like thinkin bout what dey listenin too dey listen to what dey think about......*****es,money,guns lol
7:02 PM November 14, 2012 InsaneAsylumSoldier said:

gucci mane and waka flocka get high scores but when it comes to good rappers they get the low scores