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Bo Deal & Co Still - Niggaz You Love To Hate

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Score: 242
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Uploaded 03/13/2012
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5:54 PM May 25, 2013 darealchitownjilla said:

real **** don't get no love on this mf...chit town
7:23 PM May 3, 2012 mrchitown5 said:

livemixtapes yall trippin yall sum real bytches put dis shyt on da front page CHICAGO NIGGAZ VOTE DIS SHYT UP!!!!!!!!
2:35 AM April 23, 2012 twadling said:

dis **** is SNAPPIN - smashin half the tapes on the front page
6:44 PM April 12, 2012 mrchitown5 said:

livemixtapes yall sum hoes 4 puttin dis hard azz mixtape on this wack azz page it should be a featured mixtape despite the score midwest takin ova bytch CHI TOWN NIGGA
2:41 PM March 27, 2012 2090461 said:

6:43 PM March 26, 2012 mrchitown5 said:

growin up in da Chi in da 80s n 90s joe CHIRAQ nigga its on site nigga ..get moved on or bussed on real Chi niggaz kno dat but now #3 i aint on dat lol still 5tone doe wild 100s
6:37 PM March 26, 2012 mrchitown5 said:

#3 i aint on dat my shyt joe niggaz sleepin on us dats cool doe we real niggaz u cant keep us down or quiet nigga we here we came we saw we CONQUERED NIGGAZ!!
6:32 PM March 26, 2012 mrchitown5 said:

Chi town niggaz need to vote dis shyt up support ya own Killanoize Chicagorillas s/o 2 da 5ton35 VLs LKs MCs 4chs GDs BDs etc etc nigga