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Rittz - White Jesus: Revival

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Uploaded 04/05/2012
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Rittz & DJ Burn One team up to re-release last year's White Jesus album with 9 new songs added.

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4:32 PM April 7, 2015 Fire_Thief said:

3:07 AM February 13, 2015 lilmaffia via Mobile:

Sleeper...... Damn whiteboi got bars
6:05 PM August 14, 2014 Stevehebner said:

This MF Can Spit!!!!!!!
7:23 PM July 27, 2014 SeansTunes said:

Hey can someone send me the lyrics to this mixtape

Sean Thompson #40033888
Kitsap county corrections center
614 Division st.MS-33
Port Orchard, WA 98366
10:49 AM January 19, 2014 Oneoone via Mobile:

Why is this album not on shelves, I tunes, amazon? It's tight and it would sell! What's up w that ?
2:52 PM December 12, 2013 emantothebigman via Mobile:

I salute the strange
3:07 PM November 16, 2013 DaquaFlock said:

dude even has a track called **** swag. clearly dressing up like a dumbass isnt on rittz list of priorities. half of you probably cant even comprehend that kind of ****.
12:11 PM August 19, 2013 pbrody20 said:

hardest white boi in the rap game.