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Young Thug - I Came From Nothing 3

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Uploaded 07/04/2012
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5:05 PM March 1, 2015 takilya21 via Mobile:

I luv u thug uy baby watsup ayeeeeeeeeee #fanbaby
7:24 PM November 15, 2014 tonyro480 said:

young thug? nah more like cross dressing young f a gg
6:13 PM September 17, 2014 100grandgc via Mobile:

Fuk ya young thug the truth
8:18 PM June 19, 2014 TravDaddy said:

thugger thugger
1:35 AM May 31, 2014 Mcrem said:

I remember laughing at this nigga sounding like wayne, then he blew up, ****ing sad world we live in lol, sad thing is his new act is worse than this lol.. gay *** nigga
12:34 AM May 29, 2014 LouiGucciPrada said:

Wow look how many **** riders are listening to Young Thug now... this mixtape came out in 2012 and you niggas just now listening to this? I dont even like Thugga, but I been heard dis ****
4:37 AM April 25, 2014 ezzy94 said:

this **** is from 2012?
9:30 PM March 2, 2014 nikezaetoven said:

Gwolf7414 #tol, *****es, I'm paid, creepy crawlin, angry ***, I like what your doin, molly workin all was raw he was just finding his swag! Now he turnt the **** up!!!!