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Lil Phat - Y.N.I.C.

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Uploaded 06/08/2012
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10:43 PM April 17, 2014 KREWZ said:

R.i.P Lil Phat Trill Fam aint **** without you nigga you was never left out we heared you nigga you would of had the rap game on lock these other niggas garbage foreal T.I.P YNIC4LIFE
2:30 AM April 6, 2014 aaliyahhall said:

they gonna drop Doe B mixtape but not lil phat i been wait... fa 2 yrs
10:58 PM March 2, 2014 mctruck said:

r.i.p yungin mane drop dat ynic and stop playing
10:14 AM January 27, 2014 4blockdboii said:

they need to drop my nigga ****... i need that song got on no bull****... i need to hear that lil phat.. real niggas always end up gettin killed or locked up.... R>I>P lil Phat
11:32 PM January 15, 2014 liltim29 said:

drop my nigga **** now ynic ***** r.i.p tha yougin nigga
9:55 AM January 2, 2014 SuPeRmAn317 said:

Put the **** OUT **** BOYS
9:35 PM November 4, 2013 killahcam614 said:

Mann on sum real *** **** mfs playin phat... Read the mfn date this mixtape was suppose to drop which was 6/8/1. Its 11/4/13 & Since then Aint Nobody heard **** about Y.N.I.C. R.i.p. Lil Phat
6:53 PM November 3, 2013 mikee42000 said:

Ight now this is sum B.S! If Y.N.I.C doesnt drop in tha next 2 months than trill ent is soft as **** an they dont give a **** about phat. Drop it now! im sick of this ****