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I Am Mixtapes 127

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Uploaded 09/08/2012
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9:26 PM December 19, 2012 Ballerstaus05 via Mobile:

That's wasup
3:02 PM December 4, 2012 root13 said:

# aint mean to hurt u girl
3:07 AM December 2, 2012 trapblxxd21 said:

Wayne makes music for his self n his fans so if yur not ah fan of course its gon sound WAck but everybody intitled to their own opinion
6:21 AM September 14, 2012 EngersFromtheHood said:

Alot of people get in the rap game and don't even deserve it like wayne for instance. Niggas actually trash for listening to him
3:47 PM September 13, 2012 NyQuan3 said:

lol Im not hatin on weezy but his music is ****. He mad cuz cassidy went in on his ****. If u listen closely, it'll come to u. :)
9:04 AM September 13, 2012 w00dy15 said:

Weezy killed it bruh!! Yu prolly wanna them ****in internet thugs claimin to be hard and shyt.. tha main ones hatin are tha main ones faken!!!
9:24 PM September 11, 2012 TTEVIS said:

why they tryna mix country beats wit hip hop beats..dubstep shyt..tryna create one music and shyt..real talk
5:59 PM September 10, 2012 rockymountainhigh said:

This dude didnt's even like 2pac till he was dead lol vvvvvvvvvv