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Young Dro - Ralph Lauren Reefa

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Uploaded 09/26/2012
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Young Dro recruits DJ Burnone for his latest mixtape, Ralph Lauren Reefa. The Project features production by Burnone himself, DJ Plugg, Stroud, Trae Beats, Philipians & Matcy Beats. Get It LIVE!!

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6:04 PM March 2, 2015 Youngoso6 via Mobile:

One of the best rapper in the street. Block boi I.N.D.I.A.N.A Mafi
7:49 PM July 20, 2013 Dreadz45 said:

Check Me Ouuuuuttttt!!!!
11:26 PM May 31, 2013 trademark101 via Mobile:

Waitn on the álbum
4:24 AM May 11, 2013 bestrapper704 via Mobile:

Need ya album drizzy! Mixtapes aint cuttn it no mo dawg!
3:14 PM May 7, 2013 1017EASTSIDE said:

2:06 PM April 6, 2013 plur715 said:

dro a reaL nigga i like dro and his music
11:41 PM March 28, 2013 IvyLeague5 said:

NIGGA DRO AINT WRITING NONE OF TIP ****.... CHILL WITH THAT BULL****. DRO rap about mostly typical **** just lyrical with it. TI rap about real ****. stfu
4:22 PM March 9, 2013 bonafide38 said:

Talent-wise, Dro better... Buzz-wise, Scooter heard in every beehive in the South.