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Nice & Slow 44 (Aaliyah Forever)

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Uploaded 11/20/2012
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A Chopped Not Slopped Remix of Aaliyah's Greatest Slow Jams...WARNING: This is a Chopped & Screwed Remix not regular speed....Only the Trill can handle.....enjoy...

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10:50 AM April 9, 2013 DelonC said:

to screw a track it has to be made dj screw, this isn't "screwed Up" thats why its called chopped and not slopped... this one in a million is **** compared to dj screw's
12:56 PM January 17, 2013 malcom941 said:

Theyy Snappedd Withh Thissssss Thee Haterssssss (R.i.P Aaliyahhhh)
12:55 PM January 12, 2013 littledoug84 said:

Slim fan for over 4 years now. Keep up the work homie. It's a Texas thing but I rep North Carolina!
7:35 PM January 10, 2013 cliftonb said:

been a screw head since 01.its funny how mfs dont like screw music til ur favorite rapper puts it in they song. i stay screwed up.
3:34 PM January 5, 2013 Drphilgoode said:

Screw head for life 336 540 east coast ridding fucl u haters stop listenin
2:57 PM December 8, 2012 wlow said:

one of my favorite skrewed mixtapes of all time...keep doin ya thing bro
10:39 PM November 26, 2012 DjQuizzyQ said:

Why do people insist on hating. **** if you don't **** with screw take your *** elsewhere. R.I.P Dj Screw The Originator.
8:09 PM November 26, 2012 johnniecool said:

Texas chopped and slowed down forever to whoever. Love it or hate it. It's a Texas thing. Not meant to be understood by all. Good look Slim K.