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Sir Michael Rocks - Lap Of Lux 1.5

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Score: 409
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Uploaded 12/06/2012
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11:31 PM July 8, 2013 djohn1 said:

1:16 PM March 12, 2013 bullsclan23 said:

Was "I ain't never" playing low for anybody else?
10:11 PM January 21, 2013 BIvory said:

make this bread, too late, and nasty pastor jam....
11:54 AM January 21, 2013 rj4517220 via Mobile:

Lifestyle rap, some of you niggas just can't relate
5:41 PM December 31, 2012 Elbeezy said:

This **** fire except the last song, sir michael gotta different sound that i **** with. he needs more new features tho to be recongized by other listeners.
7:13 PM December 24, 2012 Fabiano via Mobile:

3:25 AM December 23, 2012 Fabiano via Mobile:

This **** descent !!!!
3:38 PM December 19, 2012 Eboogie22 said:

I'm a big Sir Michael rocks fan but i gotta be honest, if i wasn't then i'm not a true fan. Not feeling this tape too much i liked the direction he was going with the premier politics series.