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Gucci Mane - Diary Of A Trap God

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Uploaded 09/11/2013
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6:15 PM September 2, 2014 MetroBoominWANTSOMEMORENIGGA said:

This **** a classic! Every song go in except for nothing on ya & fall back
12:19 AM August 31, 2014 LexusL said:

She A Soldier
Nights Like This
Club Swole
Stash House
***** Wet
High Power

The rest is trash
10:35 PM August 18, 2014 alexander55 via Mobile:

3:08 PM July 21, 2014 funkytowngs said:

I could show a lil young nigga sum... free Wop
7:16 PM June 17, 2014 Matown said:

All real FREE GUWOP fans got get them WW3D albums jus got released on Itunes today, Im only on Migos Green Album & the whole album ride out, Peewee Longway White album next, Thugga Purple album last
5:25 PM June 16, 2014 1017Scooter via Mobile:

Shot him in da head he was leaning on tip
5:24 PM June 16, 2014 1017Scooter via Mobile:

In Da Case Guwop in. How He Snitching?? He telling on his Self Soo That Don't Count In This Case
3:37 PM June 13, 2014 FreeGuwop1017 via Mobile:

#13 to real