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Trouble - The Return Of December 17th

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Uploaded 06/17/2013
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9:56 PM January 21, 2014 1YoungNort said:

Very underrated Tape
11:21 AM November 22, 2013 DavidH said:

Man this **** trash. he usually go in but this tape is bull****.
10:45 PM November 6, 2013 Lostprophet85 said:

we prayed over this happening and a miracle happened and angels saved her and my uncles life 2 weeks later.
10:44 PM November 6, 2013 Lostprophet85 said:

earthquake prophecy before my first gmas death then earthquake prophecies before my 2nd gmas death then eq props lead up to me prophesying my moms death and I told her and...>
8:28 PM October 7, 2013 Lostprophet85 said:

Sorry was 4 in one day on sept 20th and one the 19th but thats still 5 and I got 5 prophecies of this happening. Prophecy and God is real/ Acts Ch. 2. 17/18
8:18 PM October 7, 2013 Lostprophet85 said:

It happened 3 earthquakes same day and 2 the next and I got 5 prophecies of earthquake nearly back to back in 6 days. Read previous statements for real $hit.
11:06 PM September 14, 2013 chrizzycrack via Mobile:

This **** tuff
7:25 AM September 6, 2013 Lostprophet85 said:

01. Trouble-Intro- 1, 2, 3 to the 4, 5 to the 6, you know wud it is!! After prayer its happening on the 6th also, was asleep most of the 4th ;). Shout out to T and God!!