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Yung Mazi - MCM Humbled By The Hustle

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Uploaded 02/04/2013
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5:29 PM July 26, 2014 redcopper1056 said:

Keep pushin... I'm rooting for you
4:59 PM January 11, 2014 Fatboi said:

met my nigga Mazi at Jr Crickets downtown atl real humble dude salute my g.......fatboy dirtysouth gave you the flyer
10:53 PM October 18, 2013 shootie24 said:

@yungmazi... Shoutout my dude Mazi. From the Atl to The Nap, we ****s wit u on the Westside my G, and thats real. WNS The Truth out here. ****s with the movement my G.
1:09 PM August 23, 2013 Designerkush said:

rip jihad
4:13 PM June 19, 2013 Designerkush said:

dis **** should have a higher sckore
12:11 AM May 17, 2013 littlryan85 said:

Mazi need to drop another tape asap
11:54 PM May 3, 2013 Juney15 said:

Da A still run dis rap shyt
11:54 PM May 3, 2013 Juney15 said:

Cam long way frum kat stacksss body gaurd shot n da head shot up na bck on da rap shyt shout out da nigga mazi a still runin shyt