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Young Thug - 1017 Thug

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Uploaded 02/22/2013
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7:26 PM November 15, 2014 tonyro480 said:

vote this horrible sounding poser down
7:25 PM November 15, 2014 tonyro480 said:

cuz he couldnt make it on his own so he attached himself like a leech. young thug... nah more like young cross dressing F A GG
1:20 AM July 16, 2014 tuffcat said:

why ur name 1017?
4:39 AM July 14, 2014 miltown34 said:

Forgot my nigga rich homie
Thugga thugga thats my brotha brotha
4:38 AM July 14, 2014 miltown34 said:

Young thug is the future hands down him and future freebands taking over in the future thugga thugga ***** COLD this is the lifestyle in thug voice
11:13 PM June 30, 2014 cerexinc said:

@kstafa305 who gives a **** what your crybaby *** thinks you must have some interest otherwise your dumb *** wouldn't be here 2014 year of the undercover fans
2:56 AM June 21, 2014 AyoWolf via Mobile:

@kstafa boy **** yoh stupid ahh nigga it's brick squad ova here bet u want say dat **** to hiss face *****
6:43 AM June 17, 2014 kstafa305 via Mobile:

Who died and made him a thug? Real thugs don't have to say they a thug and he sound like a lil *****. Bricksquad take a L if they signed him.