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The Real Atlanta

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Uploaded 02/20/2013
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7:03 PM April 13, 2014 12kingpee via Mobile:

Rich homies got the lyrics but not enough money to **** with a boss tycoon like future freeband gang over everything I came from nothing 2
7:46 PM November 20, 2013 terminuszone1 said:

The Real Atlanta my ***.....This should have some Hard Boys, Ghetto Mafia, Hitman Sammy Sam, Damage, A-Dam-Shame, CMP, Diablos....etc
2:52 AM October 9, 2013 chrizzycrack via Mobile:

Freeband Gang
7:48 PM June 23, 2013 sonicgradd via Mobile:

Ain't Neva seen
3:11 PM May 14, 2013 criss661 via Mobile:

Atlanta over all zonen and smoken skaten
In Decatur half baked *****!!!! 404
5:47 PM May 9, 2013 poricupine51 said:

u wanna do a cd wit the real atl where t.i jeezy and all of them u cnt make a cd without them its jst ludacris but a plus tha daydream song 2 fire
12:37 PM April 13, 2013 cdawson2252 via Mobile:

Rich Homie Baby!
4:44 PM April 11, 2013 johndoe_91_92 said:

We came from nothing and we came up togther