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Rocko - Expect The Unexpected

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Uploaded 02/08/2014
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8:39 PM May 7, 2014 outlaw706 said:

Rocko cant touch boosie no kinda way goodbye
8:38 PM May 7, 2014 outlaw706 said:

Rocko ego is hurt now boosie back... rocko numbers are way down
9:46 AM May 7, 2014 smooty77 said:

when the hell does this **** drop
7:32 PM May 2, 2014 canudiggit said:

im surprised it still up here they pulled seeing is believing but not this
11:30 AM April 29, 2014 Dunkp said:

Expect to neva drop..What happened to seeing is believing..
12:38 AM April 29, 2014 AceTheKing22 via Mobile:

I never talk proper nigga all i talk is SLANG
5:17 PM April 26, 2014 ctownassns said:

Lil boosie bout ta be on everybody features now, he gone take over the game plus his album coming out this year plus he gone be selling out shows.
6:01 AM April 26, 2014 outlaw706 said:

It's over for rocko boosie home now..yall gonna be saying rocko who?? Lol rocko can't sell out a show but boosie can..i told yall niggas lol