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Gucci Mane & Figg Panamera - Fillmoelanta 3 (Deluxe Edition)

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Uploaded 08/02/2013
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1:49 PM July 27, 2014 Matown said:

thumbz512 said: you crazy af boy FREE GUWOP the reason this mixtape has some life to it, other than that it would be dead.
2:07 AM July 24, 2014 thumbz512 said:

no hating but every song w/ Gucci on her suck. figg do another mixtape with only u and gates! please
10:05 PM May 5, 2014 indojoe via Mobile:

Gates!! Killin everything he touch
9:45 AM January 18, 2014 2sirboss said:

Gucci gets dissed every year doesn't mean he fake. . Jezzy said gucci jumped in the shower with his home boys on stay strapped ... diss songs are bull**** sometimes
9:43 AM January 18, 2014 2sirboss said:

@badazz just cause kevin gates got dissed doesn't mean he fake.. racked up ready just talking can't believe everything. .
9:35 AM January 18, 2014 2sirboss said:

Gates ain't better than gucci but he way better than figg... figg will never drop a solo tape better than make em believe or luca brasi
1:48 PM December 22, 2013 beast_game1996 said:

that jump shot though, AYYYYYY!!!!!
5:59 PM December 16, 2013 metroboomin said:

kevin gates dunn ****ed up da whole tape wit his transgender ***