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C Murder - Ricochet

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Uploaded 06/10/2013
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9:27 PM March 20, 2014 tlrsld said:

All u ***** nigga hatin on C need to quit. C is the truth. And he the realist nigga in the NO next to B.Gizzle........
9:08 PM September 5, 2013 doekelli said:

11:50 PM August 25, 2013 E_Down said:

Man C-Murder make prison look cool, making mixtapes and such...Nice addition to my collection.
3:27 PM August 15, 2013 Firethedon via Mobile:

Hott! C-Murder da truth.....get it...TRU!!!!! Free Corey Miller
7:07 AM August 15, 2013 golfpro05 said:

y is this not 10,000 votes FREE C
1:22 AM August 13, 2013 Nando48 via Mobile:

I like C-Murder's old **** like Life or Death, Trapped In Crime, Bossalinie, And that first T.R.U album but C will always be the truest G in da N.O.
9:02 PM August 12, 2013 grayc2381 said:

this is garbage I am so disappointed I thought he would have that hunger and come out with some better ****
5:27 PM August 7, 2013 dwonderfuldouglas21894 via Mobile:

FREE C-Murder