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Birds Of Feather Motion Picture Soundtrack (Presented By Zaytoven)

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Uploaded 06/25/2013
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Two cousins from different walks of life have similar aspirations: fame and fortune in the music business. As their careers take off, they fall in with a dangerous crowd and quickly learn the true price of fame. Featuring Zaytoven Dotson, Gucci Mane, Big Bank Black, Oj the Juiceman, Shawty Lo, Al Nuke, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, Yung Ralph, Young Scooter and many more, Birds of a Feather is in-depth tale of success, failure and betrayal.

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5:22 PM June 1, 2014 jlwwal said:

Bankroll Fresh that nigga
9:56 AM March 4, 2014 Midwestshawty46 said:

Niggas need to give zay his props when it's due
11:42 PM January 4, 2014 bugaloo24 said:

Movie waz straight wassup zaytiggy wassup guwop **** 1017***** u aint no got no affiliation wit bricksquad or bricksquad monopoly u just a meat ridah
1:40 AM October 23, 2013 school32000 via Mobile:

Get n line hoe ,
5:42 PM October 17, 2013 bestdudeever said:

#24 !
11:02 PM August 11, 2013 l1hicks said:

#24 Bangin Get Inline
5:24 PM August 7, 2013 Mr_34 said:

We need a Fly Mixtape right now **** Master P back what's up Fly real ****
3:01 PM August 2, 2013 brentate via Mobile:

**** eldorado red !!! ***** *** nigga .. R.I.P lil phat