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Lil Wayne - The Weezy Effect

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Uploaded 11/10/2007
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12:47 AM July 31, 2013 KingDiligent via Mobile:

Pimpin5k5 u ****ing retarted all I gotta say
7:24 PM September 10, 2012 Dallis81 said:

For some reason I am not able to download this
9:20 AM August 24, 2012 Mdimascio via Mobile:

Ohh y'all are soo hard talkin **** to one another over the Internet lmao!! Stupid mother****ers.
3:24 PM April 30, 2012 Cmontana6 said:

this my ****
9:42 PM September 15, 2011 jgreen888 said:

im sure if any of us could cut pimpin5k5 and get away with it we would. and **** maybe even if they caught me
2:45 AM September 11, 2011 migsloke said:

pimpin5k5 is a **** sucker ***** *** whore that doent know anything
11:42 PM September 5, 2011 brandonn123 via Mobile:

Yall niggas retarded prolly betta off sucking ****s quit being a hater n learn how to wash dem dishes for ur mom lol
8:36 PM August 7, 2011 cmac44035 said:

pimpin is an idiot DJ EV put out both those mixtapes and this one came way sooner. u slow dude