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Lil Wayne - Dedication 5

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Score: 7,300
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Uploaded 09/01/2013
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1:29 AM October 18, 2014 danielathaG said:

How come I can't download I'm good ;(
8:06 PM September 18, 2014 derionvaughn via Mobile:

This **** bumping
12:01 PM August 30, 2014 skuff said:

8:36 PM June 19, 2014 sonxtails said:

much better than D4. Euro and Tip killed this tape. Levels, aint worried, and type of way are the best.
12:42 AM May 12, 2014 jayroze via Mobile:

9:45 AM May 8, 2014 mastamindatl said:

#26 the best song JBH. "Money don't make itself, these Niggas gone make me kill em." - lol wayne that line was so dope you could snort it .
11:44 AM April 27, 2014 808Trapstar said:

Bruh when it come down to it Lil Wayne did all he could nigga,12 time Grammy winner & 2nd best rapper alive either way give Wayne credit he is 30 years old it's bound have him slippin
10:34 PM April 19, 2014 wizzkillether said:

dis nigga is wack!!!! its over for wayne he got no more lines its almost embarrasing to hear him try and rap he tryin so hard bless his little heart!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha