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Doe B Presents C.B.M.: Choppaz, Brickz & Money

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Uploaded 06/13/2014
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11:44 PM July 20, 2014 AceTheKing22 via Mobile:

#20 dat real ****
1:46 PM July 14, 2014 d02 said:

we gotta do better r b n the same bull**** cycle of hard doe
1:42 PM July 14, 2014 d02 said:

w/good real life music from the state keep on we n other ppl gonna listen they cant stop bama westside of bham LVprojects n i feel ubut wasted talent r.i.p doe b #205
1:26 PM July 13, 2014 Mcrem said:

Im BORN a FIGHTER... Yall born *****...
1:25 PM July 13, 2014 Mcrem said:

I will thro sum tims on n be 6'2 for u foogazy *** niggas,,,,, good luck.... 13-0 as a young boe... now im bigger n meaner... good luck
1:24 PM July 13, 2014 Mcrem said:

N all dem fights was when I was 15-18... now Im a FULL GROWN GOON, 6'0 190lbs, still hella fast n hit hella hard
1:22 PM July 13, 2014 Mcrem said:

Pa... 13-0 fisfights... erbody I fought was my age or older, n always bigger than me... 13-0 LEGEND IN MY HOOD
11:06 PM July 12, 2014 youngcooch via Mobile:

Man y'all n***** need to vote this s*** up!!!