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Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Blue Chips 2

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Score: 782
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Uploaded 10/31/2013
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5:02 AM June 5, 2014 faulkner said:

His style sounds more like Stalley to me. His songs seem free of any main subject. lol Bars are all over the place. & I hear that same thing about Stalley...Lol this is dope as **** tho!
9:48 PM May 22, 2014 ltlkingmt said:

Dope !!
12:46 AM May 14, 2014 DaquaFlock said:

dudes talking **** ab bronson... this is one of the best mixtapes of 2013, ask your fav magazine ****
10:23 PM March 28, 2014 FeezyBambino via Mobile:

Action stay on some **** lol
9:07 PM March 19, 2014 DrizzyWeezy via Mobile:

9:06 AM March 8, 2014 northromeboy said:

niggers are the first to pull a race card. *****ing ab a white rapper? cmon man. **** you niggers too treyvon martin *** boys
10:15 PM January 31, 2014 EDDIEMONEY513420 said:

rhyming has no color you ignorant mother ****ers. mad cuz a white boy can hang with the best of them.
11:25 AM January 25, 2014 nyneshellshoc said:

i just cant **** with his music cuz he not really sayin anything at all. just a bunch of words flowin out an rhyming but theres nothing behind them