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Fredo Santana - It's A Scary Site 2

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Uploaded 12/19/2013
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1:45 AM April 16, 2014 reme504504 said:

piff i liked this mixtape last **** still bang
10:12 PM April 12, 2014 1017thug said:

@pretty ***** swaggpmg blah blah ***** nigga think it's time for you to post that address if u bout it
9:12 PM April 8, 2014 prettyboyswaggpmg via Mobile:

@1017thug nigga u a sorry *** nigga u think u all tough on Da internet but n Da real world u a fake nigga who thinks that there real 🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔫
10:33 PM April 7, 2014 prettyboyswaggpmg via Mobile:

If u think DAT 1017thug got a ***** head SAY I OR COMMENT LOL HE A SORRY NIGGA I SAW DIZ NIGGA ON CATFISH DA SHOW AND HE SAID MY NAME IS 1017THUG on zooks DAT nigga waz am ma
1:39 AM April 7, 2014 FredoSantanaSavageSQuad said:

fake *** french montana you's a ***** nigga
2:22 PM April 6, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

Lmao these comments are ****ing retarded if i was the adim i would ban this 1017wanksta
11:41 PM April 5, 2014 1017thug said:

@lockedyoungin shut yo ***** *** up over there behind dat computer complaining like a lil ***** stop *****in ol' coconut head *** nigga get ya money counter **** nigga
11:40 PM April 5, 2014 1017thug said:

pretty*****swaggpmg boy shut yo tony the tiger lookin *** up ol' go-cart head *** nigga ya head like a damn steering wheel