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Alley Boy - Alley Shakur

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Uploaded 02/20/2014
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2:22 AM April 18, 2014 1017thug said:

1st u said i take remedial class now u said i never took the class nigga get yo **** together
1:23 AM April 18, 2014 dnicedadon said:

Nigga ur retarded as fucc ol lyin ***** get ya bandz up Fucc boy neva took dem classes while ur in dem *****es ery day
11:41 PM April 17, 2014 1017thug said:

i kno wat remedial means **** nigga don't chu take dem classes u don't kno what stealing im talkin bout ya mind aint right get ya mind right *****
11:39 PM April 17, 2014 1017thug said:

nigga in da end i told u who dey were just shut da **** up u dumb ***** u can't read or understand what niggaz be sayin ol' radio *** nigga
11:32 PM April 17, 2014 dnicedadon said:

And juss cuzz u don't kno wut remedial means doesn't mean I don't it means ur Fuccin retard and I kno wut stealing ur talkin bout ***** *** nigga
11:30 PM April 17, 2014 dnicedadon said:

Nigga in the end u said that afta u said u ain't kno them afta I basically exposed it that neither one of them shaccs r owned juss rented lmfao fuccin lying *** nigga
5:28 PM April 17, 2014 1017thug said:

u don't even kno wat remedial means shut yo dumb *** up i kno yo *** slow cuz u don't kno wat stealing im talkin bout u ***** *** nigga gon respond punk *** *****
5:27 PM April 17, 2014 1017thug said:

i never said i didn't knew them at the end i said they were the owners of the house just shut da **** up and stop makin up dumb *** lies wit yo ***** ***