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Migos & Rich The Kid - Streets On Lock 3

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Uploaded 04/20/2014
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1:27 AM October 29, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

nah migos aint running ****. idk why niggas keep sayin that. they only attract about 20-30% of rap fans out there... that aint running ****. nobody runs **** in the rap game nowadays. its so saturated
8:17 PM October 13, 2014 najy via Mobile:

I wouldn't say migos better than Wayne, but I can say they go hard
9:41 AM October 11, 2014 kingj14 via Mobile:

is trash Lil Wayne better than them
10:27 PM October 7, 2014 caish_shmonnneiy said:

Clown rappers like these are destroying rap..and these young generation is truly full of ****..they love untalented music artists.
5:00 PM September 12, 2014 reddog123455 said:

The out there counting cash and yall just sitting there watchin.
12:54 PM August 21, 2014 javareec said:

Rich tha kid is just axzz JEEZ
9:06 PM August 11, 2014 BUCb0y via Mobile:

**** all you haters migos run this **** right now
4:51 PM August 9, 2014 Mello88 said:

no streets on lock ist called white boy trailer park HAHA **** MIGOS AND BROKE THE KID **** NIGGAS