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Rich The Kid - Feels Good 2 Be Rich

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Uploaded 08/14/2014
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6:07 AM October 11, 2014 1jayque said:

listen... this mixtape right here.. it's going to take two spins to get it but its the hottest s*** on the street that Johnny Cinco G s*** straight out of Orlando
4:08 PM October 8, 2014 Joshjones2020 said:

This dude name Fly Iezzy is the next to blow he got a tape out named 'The Process" all good music ttp://
4:07 PM October 8, 2014 ZeiXess said:

I like the beats on this tape very well done and the lyrical content is strait it is just super hard to hear the **** he's saying because he slurs **** a hell of a lot
1:21 AM October 8, 2014 eazy_muthaphukkin_e said:

Everything i got my cocaine bought it!!! :D if them feds catch me slippin i wont get no bail
1:01 AM September 28, 2014 Gioohh1017 said:

METROBOOMINWANTSOMEMORENIGGA you the best hard producer, the true bass man.
8:51 PM September 22, 2014 Unstopable253 via Mobile:

***** and niggas
8:50 PM September 22, 2014 Unstopable253 via Mobile:

Rich the kid goes hard all these hitch and night don't know what they are talking about
7:25 AM September 21, 2014 undertaker2001 via Mobile:

345 Now ready for grab is #actavis drank, #kusshstrains, #pills and more...text...8033104220