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Rich The Kid - Feels Good 2 Be Rich

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Score: 708
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Uploaded 08/14/2014
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9:52 AM September 3, 2014 RodriquezSpear said:

Its only two songs I like on this mixtape that I did not hear before
10:33 PM September 2, 2014 hemme said:

check out my boi right here
11:40 AM September 1, 2014 1brent via Mobile:

Zoe life touchdown
10:23 PM August 30, 2014 EAYoppaTay said:

this n!gga dont even got his own car. offset said bruh lmfaaoooo
11:28 PM August 29, 2014 LouiGucciPrada said:

dis **** weak... da rap game ****ed up
8:58 PM August 27, 2014 gxs said:

The **** happened to the score mu****az decreased it n ****
8:30 PM August 25, 2014 gxs said:

My diamonds they dancin
I pull up in phantoms
I trap out a mansion
My *****es they come cross the border
They naked no bra or no panties
8:26 PM August 25, 2014 gxs said:

Touchdown in the A Masserati to bugatti
I'm a mutha****in star running from the paparazzi
I got 4 hoes in the pool of my Jacuzzi
Pull up drop the top operate it it's a movie