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Doughboyz Cashout - We Run The City 4

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Uploaded 02/18/2014
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6:35 PM April 16, 2014 Twaun23 via Mobile:

5:39 PM April 16, 2014 Twaun23 via Mobile:

1017Thug ***** *** need to Boss the **** & stop the hatin
5:15 PM April 16, 2014 Twaun23 via Mobile:

9:00 PM April 15, 2014 DAKIDD517 said:

1017thug you sound dumb as ****. Niggas from tha D is straight killas. Any nigga from tha a come to the D wit sum BS will get slumped and thrown in a bando. REAL ****.
10:07 PM April 14, 2014 martinezjar1410 said:

Its just because they are with Jeezy. All people afiliated with Jeezy never get put on the front, even Jeezy doesn't make the front. Try to look up his 12/12/12 mixtape Its Tha World.
6:35 AM April 14, 2014 1017bear said:

This should still be on the front page.its doing numbers without jeezy promo.
6:29 PM April 5, 2014 man591 said:

@1017thug stfu u a ****in internet gangster nigga u put hatin *** comments on every one of dbc mixtapes. at da end of da day dey makin money n u aint tf......
2:09 PM April 5, 2014 1017thug said:

@man951 ***** shut da **** up detroit aint **** compared to atlanta yall detroit niggaz don't even support ya own so shut da **** up **** u gon tell me aint no real bloods wen it is ***** *** *****