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Slutty Boyz - Da New Kool

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Uploaded 04/19/2014
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7:09 PM June 19, 2014 1017slakk said:

my ****t
7:08 PM June 19, 2014 1017slakk said:

take em back
1:55 PM June 6, 2014 kidmpyre2513 said:

shatta out to SB aka slutty BoyZ
9:10 PM May 28, 2014 JJS via Mobile:

D.C ****ed up and its more **** goin on den ****in *****es, gettin high, staying fresh, and gettin bread.
9:08 PM May 28, 2014 JJS via Mobile:

I **** with SB. But everybody in d.c need stop sounding like the industry and really talk about the real **** thats goin on n da city n den dey a get some recognition.
1:57 AM May 27, 2014 fatmack420 said:

If y'all ain't heard the album "Coming Out Hard" delete your account."Pimp Tight" was good till the last nigga on the track f'd it up. I won't be putting the rest in the trunk.
4:04 PM May 24, 2014 onee said:

Soulja Boy taught them how to rap
9:09 PM May 21, 2014 AceTheKing22 via Mobile:

Hot Garbo