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THE NBHD - #000000 & #FFFFFF

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Uploaded 07/01/2014
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3:42 AM October 3, 2014 1234577 via Mobile:

Lol damn
11:49 AM September 23, 2014 kiloboy said:

I hope my grandchildren will like this when this drops
2:09 PM September 22, 2014 Adamadinho said:

I'm pretty sure they'll add every track from the mixtape one by one over a ten year period and then drop a second album in 2050.
2:08 PM September 22, 2014 Adamadinho said:

We want Dangerous! We want Dangerous! We want Dangerous! We want Dangerous!
12:55 PM September 20, 2014 thunderbones said:

GeneralJehy if you go on spotify and search them up, they have all their EP's there.
12:24 AM September 19, 2014 GeneralJehy said:

@aluetheromania Do you know where I can find the older EPs? I'm a little green and trying to get my hands on anything I can.
@N4T4L1E: Right? Cannot wait for them to release Dangerou$ on cloud.
8:34 PM September 17, 2014 N4T4L1E said:

Are they not gonna add Dangerou$?
8:08 PM September 10, 2014 wazupjill said:

I am obsessed with this new mixtape!! The vocals are superb and the emotions behind the songs are beautiful. Great job!!!