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Uploaded 05/01/2014
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12:07 AM September 21, 2014 Tikboi said:

this is how mixtapes was done to make them popular for you young dumb niggas to listen to today. Go listen to pop music and dance in your skinny jeans.
12:06 PM June 24, 2014 hitmanhooks said:

GUCCI lock up nigga... he got 3 yrs man
1:41 AM June 21, 2014 CallMeQuayeCold said:

I hate when DJs do **** like dis
9:19 AM June 19, 2014 niceandnapy said:

Y the is 50 & Ross on same track Wtf that type bother cause they had big beef before
4:57 PM June 9, 2014 richardpaley via Mobile:

Dude quit making **** like this niggas just copying pasting mainstream rappers to they wack *** beats n saying there dj s this **** wack
7:07 PM June 8, 2014 peteyoung via Mobile:

You can't have a street mixtape without Gucci....locked up or not!!!!
6:15 PM June 5, 2014 mrkrazyatl via Mobile:

travis porter #MMM2 hottest **** out
4:15 AM June 3, 2014 guwop604 said:

What kinda street mixtape is this without gucci?????????? WHERE THE **** IS GUCCI AT?