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King Louie - Tony

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Uploaded 07/04/2014
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8:20 PM October 14, 2014 TravDaddy said:

sounds alot like Chief Keef and the GLO
12:18 PM October 8, 2014 djiles101 via Mobile:

This **** flame
7:01 PM September 29, 2014 TrillGladiator said:

This is hard as ****. Seriously this the best King Louie mixtape I ever heard.
3:12 PM September 29, 2014 prince0416 via Mobile:

This tht **** Louie tht Nigga
7:32 AM September 21, 2014 undertaker2001 via Mobile:

d12 Now ready for grab is #actavis drank, #kusshstrains, #pills and more...text...8033104220
9:04 PM September 14, 2014 Updatefree said:

CHICAGO rapper B DEALA don't give no **** on the beat lol listen to COMPLEX and listen how he describes a murder on a cop that was involved in.... Go to B DEALA - REAL NIGGA ****
11:49 PM September 8, 2014 chaliepippen said:

this cd made me a believer this a the best louie cd i ever heard
1:24 AM September 4, 2014 marko111th via Mobile:

Im rocking Louie go hard love to see lil homies reppin the Chi. I rocks wit all the artist from all sets we grown