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T.I. - It's The King Bitch

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Uploaded 11/25/2008
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10:53 AM February 18, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

T.I. should do a tape wit officer ricky - crime stoppers officer in trouble
10:51 AM February 18, 2014 frenchmontanas said:

the king ? Rolf lil flip murked this ****** FBI agent
9:17 PM February 25, 2012 Awful said:

Weezy is ****ing garbage and everything T.I. spits is ****ing golden. You're in denial if you don't agree with that or you're just ****ing deaf.
9:15 PM February 25, 2012 Awful said:

This would be a good Mixtape if it wasn't for that stupid ****ing DJ repeating " Pay Attention " over and over again throughout the song. Anyway, Lil wayne is ****ing garbage.
9:05 PM September 30, 2011 160 said:

T.I. still at da top n dnt for get dat
2:01 AM February 11, 2011 NineDrizzy said:

raw songs. stupid cover.
9:56 PM February 10, 2011 FigdhaGOb said:

TI n Wayne cool. Wayne juss a ****in beast n TI cold too but he needa quit blamin **** on othaz in his raps n take responsibility sometimes. Dhat nigga da troof doe...
2:07 PM June 10, 2010 internda23 said:

wayne hot don't get me wrong but tip will kill wayne anyday use to hear him rappin on the crners in B.H.C and they might have torn down the hood but its still bankhead allday