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Bino Brown - Straight Out The Carter

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Uploaded 02/04/2016
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11:06 PM March 22, 2017 eugene1450 said:

to tell the truth and be a thouwow like the the yall need to stop sleeping on bino and fizzle paper route the future to the industry
5:44 AM March 2, 2017 Lilo27 via iOS App:

Go get the money!!!!
8:58 PM February 6, 2017 TAMT said:

GLOYOO you prolly with them CMF (Cocaine Music Fags) niggas. GTFOH ***** ****
11:15 AM December 18, 2016 GLOYOO said:

Charlie brown *** nigga wack they all gonna laugh at u
10:46 PM September 1, 2016 TAMT said:

When this nixxa and Jay Fizzle gon drop their shyt mane!!!?
9:08 PM August 25, 2016 hollowman024 said:


drop it already..
10:06 AM June 19, 2016 FishScale1990 via Mobile:

Idk he might be sayin he a snitch wit Nino on the front
12:46 PM March 18, 2016 TankKennedy via iOS App:

Actually he's pretty decent I heard him on a mixtape I forgot which one but he goes hard on that joint I heard him on so I'm ready PRE in dis Bih !!! 💯💨🔌✔️