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Lody Lucci - Fleek Season

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Score: 131
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Uploaded 08/04/2017
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3:13 PM October 3, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

amd they broke *** broke in lody car. smh. ol broke *** niggas
3:12 PM October 3, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

for people who dont know finesse 2tymes was tryna beef wit Lody over a that ***** jessica dime on love and hip hop. finesse lame as **** 4real over a stankin *** *****.
11:05 PM September 5, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

LMFAO MAN I LOVE THIS NIGGA LODY MUSIC BRA. see real nihhas dont dooo dat lol
1:34 AM August 28, 2017 Meezybitch via Mobile:

He Decent Af Ill Ride To This Tape - Yungmeezyboi
11:21 AM August 12, 2017 ocho91 via Mobile:

Never heard of slim . Steal beats??? Dont know!!! One track got me . DERSERVE IT #09
2:38 PM August 10, 2017 GUTTA5790 said:

his best mixtape ever, if more people knew him, this would have a higher score
10:39 AM August 9, 2017 GRiMtheSinista1 said:

Lil Lody dope, plus he can make dope beats also. He just got outta court **** wit Project Pat & Juicy J., cuz they stole beats and didnt pay dude.. Get Back Season!!!
7:02 PM August 5, 2017 Yourundacovaluvaasucker via Mobile:

lil lody piff