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HoodRich - La Familia 2

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Score: 148
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Uploaded 05/03/2017
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1:27 PM June 12, 2017 KingTEEMAG69 said:

No luv 4 this mixtape
2:56 PM May 24, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

i know they bros but yah cant lie u know these niggas both think they bettr. asa fan i wana know why we dnt see them togethr more. juan gota step it up to do a tape wit kickstand kick be plug talkn
2:54 PM May 24, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

2 and 19. kick coming for juan spot and he workin thts how u kill a nigga.
7:19 PM May 21, 2017 jetdragon123 via Android App:

where Bankroll Fresh at on here
4:08 PM May 6, 2017 mwtx said:

11:39 AM May 6, 2017 slimtnn via iOS App:

this whole mf ridin
12:08 AM May 6, 2017 King_Darius17 via Mobile:

This mixtape absolutely sucks wit the exception of # 9. Only decent song on here and I fucx wit Hoodrich heavy but this just not it
10:09 AM May 5, 2017 IMNOTHATING via iOS App:

Kickstand is Pablo big brother blood brother