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T-Pain & Lil Wayne - T-Wayne

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Uploaded 05/18/2017
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2:44 PM July 8, 2017 Lmk92 via Mobile:

Yea it's old but **** still straight
3:52 PM June 28, 2017 bigx12 via Android App:

he rap he sang is old asf
6:17 PM June 24, 2017 bbrow042 via Mobile:

This is old. I heard these songs long time ago like 10 years almost
2:37 PM June 19, 2017 smokit58 said:

It's straight. Should have dropped some I Can't Feel My Face music with Juelz instead. He was still the best rapper at that point. This **** was being made around the time when he was starting to fall off
9:43 PM June 7, 2017 asl2192 via Android App:

***, snap ya fingers the best song
7:56 PM June 7, 2017 KingJay_420 via Android App:

This collab was supposed to drop years ago lol. kinda disappointed in the quality, but I love them both
5:15 PM June 6, 2017 Jgoodine via Mobile:

5:41 PM June 4, 2017 Matown said:

These niggas finally released this collab project when it was suppose to come out damn near 10 years ago when they was both scorchin hot, it was suppose to be an Lp now its a ep mixtape. SMH!