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Tha Joker - Why So Serious? 3

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Uploaded 11/01/2017
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10:59 PM November 15, 2017 Murphylee50 said:

11:34 PM November 10, 2017 TrapMasterSlappy said:

This guy is always dropping heat & is walking proof the entertainment industry is rigged. I can't blame'em y would sum1 like Gucci or Gotti sign sum1 that can outrap they entire roster? lol
9:45 PM November 7, 2017 boxray via Mobile:

1:58 PM November 6, 2017 Chillaboy said:

Just fuqqin waited for him banging again
1:22 AM November 6, 2017 McDOPE via Mobile:

Ion even usually comment... But ol boy been MIA so long I thought he was locked up.. Still got it tho
4:31 AM November 4, 2017 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

12 and 11
4:28 AM November 4, 2017 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

Hell yeah Tha Joker is the truth . He is the Next generation
8:55 PM November 3, 2017 seedaboi via iOS App:

I swear I needed this heat. Joker got so many flows TOO COLD! #Masterful I would buy this. Says a lot