Chingy - Fresh Thug

DJs: DJ Noize
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11:02 PM June 9, 2018 devon770u said:

Just here for the comments LOL
11:21 PM February 26, 2013 lavalled4 said:

49oo Bad Walnut Park
1:24 AM November 9, 2012 Cheron12 via Mobile:

Man I done heard it all this is some major bull **** especially that prono star. Smh
3:44 PM June 21, 2012 justinmoss1996 said:

Damn why Chingy, just why?
10:12 AM February 28, 2012 Awful said:

one of the worst mixtapes I ever heard in my life. just listen to " Porno Star " and you'll see why I said dat. Chingy used to be tight back in 2003 but that was 9 years ago... time to retire.
10:50 PM February 10, 2012 he116oy said:

Man this **** wack AF
11:26 PM October 7, 2011 toniobeast said:

naw chingy may rap poppish but he from the streets forreal from walnut park area one of the worst neighborhoods in st. louis
2:29 PM August 21, 2011 Al_ said:

lmao he reminds me of brandy's brother ray j claiming to be a thug