Still In The Kitchen

DJs: DJ 5150
Dj 5150 teams up with Out The Pot Ent straight out of owensborough ky for one hard ass mixtape titled still in the kitchen with troop, darryl j, king david, oohm. Featuring bangers that will hurt trunks and subs out the pot is nothing to be played with. Enjoy some new music from a area that doesn't get much shine.
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12:17 AM October 29, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

who u calln wak *** dj???5150 real boy,****, like he say,betcha ***** nigga wont run up!!!!!5150 i gotcha in valparaiso in, 46383
12:13 AM October 29, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

low score cuz thugz be deepthroatin all the mainstream rappers,**** b like hot azz phuq and phuqass niggaz hate it cuz **** to real,why u think plies hated somuch.
2:56 PM September 17, 2009 WillnWinnie said:

dis **** rite hear ridin u can smoke an ride 2 tha whole tape an not skip pimp out tha pot ent all day watch out these niggaz next y dis mixtape got a -104 i don understand
6:35 PM July 30, 2009 LILJOE09 said:

y mothu****az hatin
3:03 PM February 15, 2009 stonewall94 said:

They Best sng is ..Diggin in the Game.....If yall cant feel that..Yall aint real nigas
5:02 PM February 11, 2009 mynigga said:

Naw im from fla dem boyz ride tho
1:24 PM February 4, 2009 sapitbulls said:

the dj and host ****ed this tape right up. some the songs aight but i anent downloadig it with this wack *** dj and host
5:59 PM February 3, 2009 KgooN said: