Lil Wayne - Hottest Ni**a Under The Sun

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9:47 PM September 25, 2013 dc_oneal said:

true classic
3:15 PM May 16, 2013 djtrey92 said:

fU(K stinkychedda
9:35 AM May 1, 2013 Southparkway7000 said:

it took yo boy a while but weezy cant stop killn **** and want stop killn till i die
10:07 PM April 25, 2013 stinkychedda said:

Yall are crazy who say this is wack!
12:52 AM February 3, 2013 chamberlainb45_yahoo said:

This is one of the worst Weezy mixtapes i've ever heard. This **** might sound Good if you have high heels and a pink skirt on.
8:26 PM November 19, 2012 lil_deezy_d said:

damn i miss da old wayne he was killin **** its like now he showin niggas mercy
12:18 PM November 6, 2012 fourty20 said:

yo this was one of waynes best mixtapes
3:22 AM October 21, 2012 Geradmil5 said:

HotboyyDesmond: What the **** does you comment have to do wit this ****?

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